Fire Damage Photo Gallery

An old, frayed, and damaged electrical cord is shown.

Electrical Cord Safety Tips for Mundelein Residents?

Our local Mundelein and North Wauconda team responds to fire damage emergencies every year. Electrical fires are one of the top causes of home fires in the United States, and in many cases, these fires may have been prevented by routinely inspecting your home for visible and hidden electrical hazards. Learn more.

A person uses a fire extinguisher to put out a microwave fire.

Fire Extinguisher Training Saves Family from Fire in Mundelein?

Our local teams in Mundelein and North Wauconda restore fire damage every year in Mundelein and we witness firsthand how having a working fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it correctly saves lives. Learn more

An old furnace is shown.

We Restore Furnace Puff Back Damage in Wauconda.

Our local teams in Mundelein and North Wauconda are trained and certified to perform a full range of services to clean and restore smoke and soot damage from furnace puff backs. Learn more.